Love: A White Lotus Blooming

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barbara briggs

Love, a white lotus blooming on a sea of inextinguishable light, born of light, sustained by light, dissolving in a sea of light, itself the light of the lotus blooming illumining the world. Love, a shimmering silence that flows rippling through all created things inundating the world with the ambrosial fluids of dawn. Love, the soul’s awakening to the eternal dawn, forever new within itself. Love, thou fillest life with light! The heart of life is love, the breath of life is love, the raiment of life is love. The dance of life is choreographed by love. The aim of life is eternal union in love. Love is the unseen orchestrator directing the course of our lives; It is the gentle wind that unfurls the sails of our destiny guiding us to the soil of love’s unfolding. From our very first breath, the voice of love murmuring beckons, plucking the…

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