Overcoming Fear

“Certainly fear is born of duality. Whenever there is a sense of two, fear and suffering can arise.” That which one sees as different, through mistake, produces fear in the perceiver. Fear is born of duality. It is born of the perception of oneself as separate, isolated from the wholeness of life. Courage is born of an awareness of oneness with the ultimate power and intelligence in the universe.

Through Transcendental Meditation, one can easily access this level of power and intelligence within ourselves and thereby enliven our intimate relationship with it. Through meditation, we nourish our inner being and the innermost level of life itself. Fear can be overcome by becoming conscious of the very foundation of our life which is the unified field of all the laws of nature. This basic level of life creates, sustains and nourishes all the diversified expressions of life in the universe.

There is, in actuality, nothing separate from us, nothing isolated from anyone or anything in the universe. The universe is a holographic network of interconnected vibratory loops. There are no accidents. Everything happens according to inexorable laws. If one lives in accordance with the laws of nature, life progresses smoothly and harmoniously in the evolutionary direction.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. By letting go of fear and spreading joy into the environment, we enhance the happiness, health and fulfilment of all living beings.

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