Source of the Creative Vision




This unusual book promises to inspire and stimulate those who want to delve deeply into the spiritual origin of art and creativity. It presents the Eastern view of creativity from the ancient Upanishads and contrasts this with descriptions of the creative process written by the most famous artists, musicians and poets from Western culture. In the center section, there are lyrical passages written by the author, a meditating artist, describing her journey of awakening to the source of creativity unfolding within her. It contains descriptions of how the greatest artists in the world created from their inner being and how, through meditation, everyone can access the omnipresent silent source of life.

The aim is to present the material as a complete intellectual, emotional and spiritual experience. The book is designed to help readers to understand and activate their own creative process. This is a book which will awaken your latent potential as an artist and encourage you to create from the deepest level of your heart and soul.

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