My Life in India: An Empowerment Narrative


This book is the true story of events which occurred in India in the life of an ardent seeker on the path of liberation. When I set foot in India in the winter of 2001, all the plans I had made evaporated into thin air within the space of one week and I was cast adrift into the frothing sea of the vast unknown. From then on until the Autumn of 2010, there was a force goading, urging, propelling me forward from place to place, causing me to experience a kind of life I never envisioned for myself.

During those nine years of hardships and austerity, I ceaselessly strove to reach that place in myself that was unshakable in the midst of the storms raging outside, resilient and steadfast in the face of life’s tests and challenges and at peace with the design of my destiny written by the cosmic hand of the Almighty One. Those years etched in my subconscious an awareness of an all-merciful beneficence guiding life everywhere. The fruit of the journey contained within it the seed of an unshakable faith in the ultimate goodness of God.

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