Published articles

1. How We Shape Our Destiny
2. The Guru: He Who Awakens-
3. Cosmic Square of the Lord
4. The Source of True Courage
5. Pure Love -
6. Anger: The Enemy on Earth-
7. Citizens of the Universe
8. The Value of Meditation
9. When the Drop Meets the Ocean
10. The Vedic Ideals of Womanhood
11. The Mechanics of Meditation-
12. The Benefit of Meditation
13. Forgive and Flow
14. Inimitable India
15. The Lure of the Goddess
16. Saying Yes to Life-
17. Pandemic Paradox-
18. What is Enlightenment?-
19. Pandemic’s Message to Humanity-
20. A Cure for the Virus of Racism-
21. Government: An Innocent Mirror
22. The Joy of Surrender-
23. A Universal Individual
24. The American Drama
25. The Sacred Purpose of Human Life-
26. Health as Wholeness
27. Cosmic Message from Mother Earth
28. The Birth of a Book of Visionary Fiction-
29. Universal Individuals Arise!-
30. Retirement Beneath the Mighty Himalayas
31. The Six FREE Natural Healers-

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