Published articles

1. How We Shape Our Destiny
2. The Guru: He Who Awakens
3. Cosmic Square of the Lord
4. The Source of True Courage
5. Pure Love
6. Anger: The Enemy on Earth
7. Citizens of the Universe
8. The Value of Meditation
9. When the Drop Meets the Ocean
10. The Vedic Ideals of Womanhood
11. The Mechanics of Meditation
12. The Benefit of Meditation
13. Forgive and Flow
14. Inimitable India
15. The Lure of the Goddess
16. Saying Yes to Life
17. Pandemic Paradox
18. What is Enlightenment?
19. Pandemic’s Message to Humanity
20. A Cure for the Virus of Racism
21. Government: An Innocent Mirror
22. The Joy of Surrender
23. A Universal Individual
24. The American Drama
25. The Sacred Purpose of Human Life

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