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Coming Back Home

The experience of transcending during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique is akin to an experience of “coming back home“. We are contacting the ocean of eternal bliss inside. Coming back home evokes a feeling of inner contentment, peace, security, harmony and joyfulness. This is an experience which exists inside every single human being. … Continue reading Coming Back Home

Cosmic Unity

There is a term in quantum field theory called quantum entanglement. What does this mean? It describes how two particles link together no matter how far apart they are from each other in space. Quantum entanglement states that two particles are connected and affect one another even if those particles are light years apart! It … Continue reading Cosmic Unity

His Divine Lila

                  “IN BOTH DESTRUCTION AS WELL AS CONSTRUCTION IS HIM (GOD), HE PLAYS WITH HIMSELF – In both is He, in destruction as well as construction. The history of nations, families and individuals is the great Lila (divine sport) that He stages with Himself.” Sri Anandamayi Ma

Silent Domes

the sweetness of light shining on glass as in silent domes and ancient monasteries the jingling stillness of voiceless prayers vibrating in the light these memories inhabit the air that I breathe our wor1d cosmic as the unexplored regions of space whirling with music in silence whirling into dust and flames and dust again utters … Continue reading Silent Domes

Life: An Interplay of Opposing Forces

Life is an interplay of opposing forces. There are three basic forces which underlie all interactions in the universe: the creative force, the destructive force and the force that maintains what has been created. These forces are also called the three gunas: Sattwa, Raja and Tamas. Sattwa is the creative force. Rajas is the maintainer … Continue reading Life: An Interplay of Opposing Forces

Universal Wisdom

Is there a place within each of us that contains universal wisdom? I feel that there is such a place.  It exists beyond the field of time and space. It is a silent level of wholeness that knows – a pure knowingness. This knowingness is able to access universal wisdom spontaneously. We know it … Continue reading Universal Wisdom

About Me

Hi, I’m Barbara! I live in India -in the foothills of the Himalayas. In India, my friends call me Bharati. I shifted my life to India in November 2001 because I wanted to focus more on meditation and writing. I also enjoy studying Indian classical music and Sanskrit. I live a simple inward life. Writing blogs is a precious opportunity for me to share my thoughts and feelings with the world. “The world is my family” is an ancient Indian proverb. If you want to post any comments about my blogs, I would love to hear from you!

Best wishes


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