Reviews: Pilgrimage on the Path of Love

“Pilgrimage On The Path Of Love was definitely one of the best books I have ever read.
If you are interested in travel, other cultures, Buddhism, triumphing over adversity, or you are just looking for the next book
that you will recommend to your friends, this is the one for you!
It tells the story of the author’s journey, as she travels to the Himalayas and her amazing spiritual experiences.”
Goodreads Reviewer

Whether you read this book or not, this is a journey everyone is going to have to take. Truthful, touching, vulnerable always to an impossible ideal, until that ideal undergoes its inevitable transformation and finds fulfillment. You can’t imagine this story, it has to have been lived. Beautifully and honestly told.”

Henry Brighouse, UK

“I loved this book. Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is one of those rare novels that manages to combine great storytelling with genuine and profound spiritual insights and experiences in a completely natural way. The essence of the book is about the search for the truth of life, and for supreme love, both human and divine.”

Sally Brighouse, UK

“Wonderful Writing: This is an excellent first novel.”

Barry Spivack, UK

“Written lucidly, this book is the perfect amalgamation of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. What stands out in the narrative is her utmost optimism and unshaken faith in God. When faced with difficulties, she surrenders herself to Him and derives energy from her firm belief that the right path will be illuminated by the Creator….Having read a few books on esoteric spirituality, this book came to me as a breath of fresh air, with its simple narrative and profound spiritual insights. Pilgrimage on the Path of Love introduces the spiritual ethos of India to the world, and even to Indians who have forgotten the sacred presence of Divinity in this land.”  
Muskaan Sharma, Life Positive magazine, India

“This is a stunning novel. When I read a novel, I expect escapism, diversion, entertainment and sometimes upliftment. ‘Pilgrimage on the Path of Love’ soars above these expectations. I can only describe it as a meditation. In ‘Pilgrimage on the Path of Love’, the scenes were painted with the eye of the soul and were so visceral and full, I was there. I missed it when I had finished.– Philomena Larkin, UK

I really love this book and will recommend it for everyone who loves wisdom.  The  book is well written and very inspiring to read.”  –

Einar Ostmyren, Sweden

I loved your book from cover to cover. This book deserves a much bigger  audience. Reading Pilgrimage on the Path of Love gave me the experience of transcending with eyes wide open. Through Shantila – the main character’s unbiased eyes – I observed and absorbed the beauty of rural Himalayan India. Shantila lives and moves in such a way that life itself becomes her prayer…every moment of her waking hours is aiming to align itself with Divine perfection. While reading I felt enchanted, peaceful and inspired. Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is a gentle and rich, yet quiet adventure full of authentic moments and human realizations. A perfect lesson in trust and surrender.”
Kristin Naituli, Norway

“I was privileged to have met the author in the New Delhi airport during our journeys through India. We talked for awhile before she told me she was an author, then told me of her book. I could not wait to get home to order her book. I loved the book; it was a peek at this amazing women’s journey for happiness and enlightenment along with love. I gifted my book to another traveler friend of India. She loved it also. I hope others are inspired by her journey.” Taylor Dangerman, USA

This novel describes a pilgrimage in India by the character Shantila Martin. It provides many descriptions of deep inner spiritual experiences, such as in meditation where her heart melts into an ocean of silence. It also offers experiences of love, such as with a Buddhist lama where sparks of love cross between them like a lotus blooming. The novel describes the character’s insights into the meaning of love on many levels — love of Self, love of an intimate other, love of friends, love of nature, love of life. As the author climbs higher on her trek, the meaning of love filters through the mountains and through the people she meets to bring a surprising but lasting fulfillment. This story will take you deeper into love as you climb higher in the mountains.

M.R. Neer, USA

This beautiful novel is about a spiritual seeker’s inner and outer journey through India and Tibet. The main character is a writer who experiences many seeming setbacks in her travels but finds that her path on a more subtle level is leading to greater realization and peace. Having fallen in love with a Lama she eventually perceives the source of this love in the Self and that following her own dharma brings the fulfilment she is yearning. Her descriptions of the countries’ scenery are breathtaking and that of her inner landscape is equally nuanced and inspiring. This is a beautiful book. I loved everything about it.”

Sue Halley, USA

“Ms Briggs’ inner experiences were expressed so genuinely and intimately. I had the sense of experiencing those depths with her. It is an art to relate those states of consciousness in such a succinct and illuminating way. Her writing is clear and one feels transported to a very heavenly place. I highly recommend this book for inspiration and for a very satisfying journey.

Harriet Berman

“It’s a great book to buy. Everyone will enjoy it.”

Vicki Broome, USA

“Barbara Ann Briggs combines in her book spiritual values and the relationship to the Divine. Her book is full of human love which is transformed into divine love and enables us, not only to read the story, but also to live it.” 

Inge Quatraro, Belgium

”Totally enjoyed this book. I had the great fortune to meet the author, Barbara Briggs while at a meditation retreat in India. I am so impressed with her book. Barbara weaves a tale of love, hope, disappointment, hardship and moments of beauty and fulfillment. It is a very personal account of her innermost feelings, experiences and thoughts. For anyone on the spiritual path this book is very insightful and at the same time so enjoyable to read. Her vivid descriptions of life in India, the temples and her journeys show the rest of us what it is like to be a dedicated seeker. Her devotion, steadfastness and serenity are inspiring. She has a very good understanding of Indian culture and shares stories and explanations of their customs, their devotion to deities and their way of life. She delves into their culture and finds the silence within.

It’s clear to see that Barbara is enchanted with the spiritual side of India and describes beautifully her experiences of higher states of consciousnes

Miss Shirley, Canada
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