The Contribution of Maharishi’s Vedic Science



This book provides a deep insight into the immense contribution made by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in reviving the purity of the ancient Vedic wisdom and revealing the practical benefits of this knowledge for every aspect of daily life. From an explanation of the most subtle layers of consciousness to the applied values of this timeless wisdom in bringing fulfilment to human life, the book contains over one hundred quotations by Maharishi followed by simple, clear and concise explanations. The aim of this book is to make Maharishi’s Vedic Science easily accessible to everyone.


“This compact book is a must read for those who seek clear and basic understanding of the main concepts of Maharishi’s Vedic Science… This astute and concise compilation of Maharishi’s Vedic Science gifts us with a book worthy to keep, refer to and cherish.”


             Teresa Meyers, MS, Maharishi University of Management

“Barbara Briggs’ book is an excellent and compact source for this supreme practical Vedic wisdom as presented by Maharishi – the “Genius of Consciousness”. It is faithful to Maharishi’s exposition, being replete with well-chosen quotes from Maharishi’s works. Sources are given. It makes what used to be a highly specialized field of knowledge easily accessible to today’s reader, wherever they are starting from, and points the way to how one can achieve the timeless goal of full personal development and a comprehensive understanding of oneself and of life.”

Charles Cunningham, BSC (hons.) Psychology, MSC, Health Promotion

“I found this a brilliant reference book for Maharishi’s Vedic Science. Here is a map of the territory of higher consciousness, it’s development through all the seven states of consciousness to unity and the fundamental principles that underpin each one. With copious referenced quotes of Maharishi, the book does not seek to re-interpret the path but simply highlight the landmarks that Maharishi brought back to light for all future generations to find their way.” 

Henry Brighouse, Graduate, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London

“A splendid exposition of the vast and wonderful realm of Maharishi’s  Vedic Science – knowledge of the totality of life in all its forms, unmanifest and manifest. This profound knowledge of ultimate truth is presented here very clearly and completely – a work of scholarship and devotion, invaluable for those wishing to understand the truth of life.”

Sally Brighouse, UK


“Barbara’s writing about Maharishi’s knowledge is masterful. I highly recommend her book.”

                                  Carla Brown, Ed.D – Harvard University


“I have been reading the Contribution of Maharishi’s Vedic Science this morning, and I am very happy about what you have achieved. It is such a simple, clear explanation and from a deep level of experience and understanding. I think it is a fine book and I hope that many will read and grow from it. Your thinking is very deep, it seems to me, and you and your appreciation of the Veda will contribute much to the understanding of Maharishi and the Vedic tradition.”

Kenneth Chandler, Ph.D




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