Pilgrimage on the Path of Love


Illuminates the Path from Human Love to Spiritual Love.

Describes a Western Woman’s Experience of Tibetan Buddhist Culture.

Gives the reader Access to Ladakh, the Last Shangri-La.

The essential message of Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is that the pilgrimage every human being must take is to the innermost shrine of their own heart where resides the universal truth of life and the eternal Being of existence. The meaning of life is hidden in love. In this book, we enter the interior world of a woman on the spiritual path and we see how the spiritual dimension of life in India fosters in her a deeper understanding of the ultimate quest of human life: enlightenment. This book is of global significance because it makes one aware of the inter-relatedness of all sentient beings.

The unique aspect of this book is that it bridges the gulf between East and West in the personage of the main character, Shantila Martin. As her name indicates, Shantila represents a blending of East and West. Although born in the West, her natural inclination leads her to the East. At the end of the book, Shantila arrives at a wholeness born of an expansion of consciousness.


 “…This is a book I would recommend for everyone who loves wisdom and wishes to live an examined life.”  Dr Charles Johnson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Recipient of an American Academy of Arts and Letters Award for Literature, and National Book Award

“…gave me the feeling of moving gently on a canoe in a beautiful lake on a bright sunny evening when the approaching twilight leaves you nostalgic to see the day coming to an end…”   Dr Nibir K. Ghosh, Ph.D., UGC Emeritus Professor, Dept of English Studies and Research, Agra College

“The devotion which the author brings to her enterprise and the serenity that follows are an inspiration.”  Dr Shernavaz Buhariwalla, Ph.D., Retired Professor of English Literature, Nagpur University, Maharashtra

“Written lucidly, this book is the perfect amalgamation of spiritual awakening and self-discovery…Having read a few books on esoteric spirituality, this book came to me as a breath of fresh air, with its simple narrative and profound spiritual insights. Pilgrimage on the Path of Love introduces the spiritual ethos of India to the world, and even to Indians who have forgotten the sacred presence of Divinity in this land.”  Muskaan Sharma, Life Positive magazine, India

“Barbara Briggs writes with a poignant, transcendent grace that enables us to experience the story, not merely read it. And this is an experience to treasure.” William T. Hathaway, author of Wellsprings: A Fable of Consciousness

“Wonderful Writing: This is an excellent first novel.” Barry Spivack, Oxford University graduate, UK

“I loved this book. Pilgrimage on the Path of Love is one of those rare novels that manages to combine great storytelling with genuine and profound spiritual insights and experiences in a completely natural way. The essence of the book is about the search for the truth of life, and for supreme love, both human and divine.”- UK

“This is a stunning novel. When I read a novel, I expect escapism, diversion, entertainment and sometimes upliftment. ‘Pilgrimage on the Path of Love’ soars above these expectations. I can only describe it as a meditation. In ‘Pilgrimage on the Path of Love’, the scenes were painted with the eye of the soul and were so visceral and full, I was there. I missed it when I had finished.UK

“Barbara Ann Briggs combines in her book spiritual values and the relationship to the Divine. Her book is full of human love which is transformed into divine love and enables us, not only to read the story, but also to live it.” Belgium

“Totally enjoyed this book. I had the great fortune to meet the author, Barbara Briggs while at a meditation retreat in India. I am so impressed with her book. Barbara weaves a tale of love, hope, disappointment, hardship and moments of beauty and fulfilment.”Canada

 “ I really love this book and will recommend it for everyone who loves wisdom.       The  book is well written and very inspiring to read.”  – Sweden





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