Turning Point in USA?


The prevalence of racial prejudice has been like a viral infection in the physical structure of American society. It has existed since the advent of slavery and although slavery was abolished in 1865, the mentality that endorsed the slave trade hasn’t been completely eradicated.

At the present time, the world is witnessing a tug of war between the negative forces that polarize society and fan the flames of racial injustice, police brutality and social segregation and the positive forces which seek to promote harmony, social justice and equal opportunities for everyone. All over the world, protests are erupting, people are marching and from across the globe, voices are calling out for freedom and justice and an end to the violation of human rights and oppression.

This is a time of transformation, of purification, and of rebirth. During this period, narrow-minded outdated modes of thinking will be collectively discarded and replaced with a new, all-inclusive vision of wholeness of life which is in tune with the evolving consciousness of humanity. We are witnessing a massive churning of human consciousness on earth and the outcome must ensure a better, brighter future for all.

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