Surrender To Wholeness

As one evolves on the spiritual path, one gradually begins to feel that there is a reason underlying the apparently unpredictable occurrences and challenges one faces, and that, by deepening one’s awareness of oneself, one can progress toward a state of inner peace and harmony. One becomes a seeker on the path of self-knowledge. The path to surrender has opened. Like a flower, one’s awareness begins to open up to the inner sun.

When the little ego surrenders to the higher Self, the inner divine nature, then the process of evolution proceeds unimpeded. There are still inevitable hurdles to overcome; evolution is still bumpy; but riding on the crest of the fast-flowing waves, one moves irresistibly forward towards the goal. The result of surrender is that one becomes more and more capable of living spontaneously from the heart, from the core of one’s being rather than remaining caught in the conflict between the mind and heart, and ensnared in the configurations of do’s and don’ts of the intellect.

In the words of the great avatar Meher Baba:

Spiritual advancement is a succession of one surrender after another, until the goal of the final surrender of the separate ego-life is achieved. The last surrender is the complete surrender, equivalent to the attainment of Truth.”

The last surrender is the state of total liberation, the state of enlightenment, the attainment of oneness, oneness with the wholeness of life.

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