Universal Wisdom

Is there a place within each of us that contains universal wisdom?

I feel that there is such a place.

It exists beyond the field of time and space. It is a silent level of wholeness that knows – a pure knowingness.

This knowingness is able to access universal wisdom spontaneously.

We know it by becoming one with the infinite silence deep within the subtlest level of the mind.

In the simplest state of human awareness, universal wisdom has its home.

“Be still and know God.”

In stillness, wisdom resides. We can feel it – feel what is right, what to do, what we are, where is truth…

One simply knows.

Universal wisdom is the source of all knowledge, the ocean of pure Being.

It is who we are in essence – the fountainhead of life itself – the source of all there is.

Dive dive dive into it.

Deeper deeper deeper

until only oneness is.

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