Turn Within

At this time when the world is experiencing so much turbulence and discomfiture, the only alternative is to TURN WITHIN. The peace we are seeking in the world begins INSIDE EACH OF US. We are the light that must illuminate the darkness of ignorance prevailing in world affairs. Each one of us must kindle the light of self-knowledge, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and love in order to spread these values into the collective consciousness. Spiritual healing begins with self-healing. Our wounds are the world’s wounds. Our pain escalates into the world’s pain. If we are suffering, it is adding to the global weight of suffering in the world.

We must lay our burdens down: release the stress that hampers full unfoldment of our innate potential. We must find ways to exhale love, peace, joy and fulfillment into world consciousness. Look at the sky, feel the caress of the sea breeze, gaze at a rose in full bloom, listen to elevating music. Do anything that lifts the spirit upwards to infinity. Go inward to the deep silent cave of the heart and meditate. There no harsh sirens blow, no violent cries of distress, no fears, there only love prevails. Find peace INSIDE the temple of the heart in these times of worldly trials and upheavals. Enjoy silence.

TAKE TIME to rest. Do not over-extend. Be careful to have pure, nourishing food. Have a morning walk at sunrise. All this contributes to our overall feeling of well-being. As we grow in inner peace, we begin to radiate more peace and harmony into the environment spontaneously. Our responsibility is to be happy, to be peaceful, and to be more loving day by day.

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