Adjust, Adjust, Adjust

Life is all about adjusting to people, circumstances, situations.

These elements of life are always changing.

We are put into situations or with people who challenge, expand, or trigger certain responses within us.

We are meant to learn something as a result.

It is not always easy. But we must be willing to accept the challenges in order to evolve.

There is a saying by Lao Tzu:

“The surest test if a man be sane

is if he accepts life whole, as it is,

Without needing by measure or touch to understand

The measureless untouchable source

of its images…”

I have had to move from one house to another very often during my twenty years in India.

In each living situation, I was forced to adjust to the other people in my environment.

It was very hard because I enjoy silence, cleanliness, orderliness and beautiful gardens. Sometimes these things were not part of my living arrangement. But I had to prioritize my needs and adjust to what was available.

It was part of my spiritual path, a path of inner transformation, and expansion of awareness.

Now I can understand how important each situation was as a stepping stone to full development of consciousness. Every situation was orchestrated by a higher power.

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