Coming Back Home

The experience of transcending during the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique is akin to an experience of “coming back home“.

We are contacting the ocean of eternal bliss inside. Coming back home evokes a feeling of inner contentment, peace, security, harmony and joyfulness.

This is an experience which exists inside every single human being.

We can come back home every day twice a day, no matter where we are in the outer world.

The outer world may be filled with tension, conflicts, divisions, uncertainty and fear.

But there is a treasure inside, a temple within ourselves which no one can injure.

It is up to us to enter this sanctuary that has been bestowed on us.

If we ignore this inner lighthouse, then we may stumble in the darkness outside.

If in darkness, bring in the light. The inner light exists in the silence of pure consciousness.

Coming back home is a choice we can make each day.

Transcendental Meditation offers a clear path to our inner home.

Coming back home is coming back to inner bliss, inner wholeness, inner fufilment.

2 thoughts on “Coming Back Home

  1. When we integrate meditation into our lives home is everywhere.


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