Silence to Stop Wars

There are two methods of defending a nation: increasing weapons and increasing silence.

Of course, the main method used in the world today is to increase military weapons to protect the country from the attack of an enemy. In this method, one shows the enemy one’s military might in the hope that this will diminish their aggressive stance. But this has been shown not to act as a deterrent. Amassing stockpiles of weapons can never save a nation from attack.

The other method of preventing wars from arising is by increasing the power of silence, the power of coherence, the power of harmony in the nation. The way this method works is by enlivening the self-referral state of pure consciousness, a field of deep inner silence, in the individuals of a nation. When large groups practice Transcendental Meditation together, negative tendencies in society decrease. Scientific experiments validate the finding that violence, accidents and hospital admissions decrease as a result of increasing coherence in collective consciousness through the practice of meditation.

Stopping war is only possible if we can stop the basis of war. The basis of all wars is a massive build-up of stress in the collective consciousness of a nation. All international conflicts are caused by an eruption of great tensions produced in the atmosphere by individuals.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says:

“And the individual hardly realizes that constantly through his thought, speech and action he is gathering the influence of hatred and tensions in the atmosphere that will sometime break and bring back to him all the results of what he has been storing around him.”

The experience of pure consciousness is an experience of inner bliss, peace, and harmony. When very large groups enliven these qualities in the collective consciousness, a nation can create an armor to disallow any negative influences from entering the nation. Wars can be prevented by educating the citizens to think and act spontaneously in harmony with the laws of nature by teaching them to meditate. The experience of pure consciousness, a field of infinite silence, brings balance, peace and inner happiness to the individual. When large groups of individuals practice together, the field effect is magnified and the radiation of peace spreads out into the whole environment.

This is an ancient Vedic technique which is mentioned in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It says:

“In the vicinity of Yogic influence- unifying influence, integrating influence, coherent and harmonious influence -conflicting tendencies do not arise.” Yog-Sutra 2.35

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