Embrace the Inner Fullness

Every moment of life contains eternity embedded within it.

If we choose to open ourselves to the fullness of life, we can gain access to our inner wisdom.

Time is the outer covering but it is only an illusion of division in the ocean of unbounded BEING.

In reality, life is one unbounded wholeness which can never be separated from itself.

We live in a world created by conditioned reflexes.

As long as we ingest media cues so much every day, we are bound to forget the silent serene landscape which exists beneath the cacophony of noise.

Whatever we put our attention on increases in our lives.

If we go within and nurture the inner river of joy, it will begin to rise in rippling waves within our soul.

Then we will be able to move more and more in harmony with the primordial rhythms in the whirling dance of life.

Wake up! Wake up! Each new dawn heralds a new birth.

Our hour of awakening calls us forth from slumber into rebirth, renewal, revitalization from the inner core of our being.

We must dive to the depths of the ocean of pure Being and partake of the sublime waters of infinite peace.

When we embrace the inner fullness of life, we discover an inexhaustible fountain of joy shimmering within the depths of our being.

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