Futility of War

Wars escalate Stress in World Consciousness

Wars have never solved the problems facing humanity. They are at most, a short-term solution. In the long term, wars escalate the tension, anxiety and stress in the collective consciousness of the world. To revert to killing for the sake of transitory gains of land, power and prestige is like reverting to our base animal nature and ignoring our higher brain faculties.

If a nation is forced to wage a war in defense of its territory, it must do so in a way that minimizes the number of civilian casualties because every human life is sacred. Every human being contains a nervous system which has the potential to reflect the unbounded dignity of the whole galactic universe within it.

Who is gaining in this conflict in Ukraine?

The only ones benefiting from this war are the arms-producing factories, especially those in the USA.

“War is like a vacuum cleaner that sucks tax dollars out of your pocket and funnels the money directly into the pockets of the robber barons who own the weapons factories.”

-Oliver Markus Malloy.

Mastering our Thoughts

After over one year of waging war in Ukraine, it is blatantly evident that this war cannot be won without sacrificing innumerable lives and creating irreparable damage to the environment. Both leaders must come to the table to work out a solution acceptable to both sides. Ukraine should agree not to join NATO. It should be given guarantees of protection by the EU members. In exchange Russia should withdraw all of its troops immediately. This is the only way forward. The country has faced enough destruction.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

-Albert Einstein

“Peace is not achieved by controlling nations, but mastering our thoughts.”

-John Harricharan.

United World

The world is facing a major crisis: climate change, massive food shortages and fuel shortages and other ecological dangers are looming on the horizon. We must join hands to confront the difficult times that lay ahead. United as one world family, all challenges can be met and mastered. The only solution is to accept our joint responsibility for the current world situation and work to harness all our higher innate abilities to engender safe, sustainable solutions.

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