Love: A White Lotus Blooming

Love, a white lotus blooming on a sea of inextinguishable light, born of light, sustained by light, dissolving in a sea of light, itself the light of the lotus blooming illumining the world. Love, a shimmering silence that flows rippling through all created things inundating the world with the ambrosial fluids of dawn. Love, the soul’s awakening to the eternal dawn, forever new within itself. Love, thou fillest life with light! The heart of life is love, the breath of life is love, the raiment of life is love. The dance of life is choreographed by love. The aim of life is eternal union in love. Love is the unseen orchestrator directing the course of our lives; It is the gentle wind that unfurls the sails of our destiny guiding us to the soil of love’s unfolding. From our very first breath, the voice of love murmuring beckons, plucking the strings of our heart until we can live life in harmony with Her unsung melody. There is no land but love, no sea but love, no sky but love, no world without love. Love illumines the world within the heart of the white lotus blooming on a sea of inextinguishable light.

Love Beheld its Own Image

The sea and the seed are one. The lotus born within the waters rises unfurling its petals in the sun. Life, like the lotus, is nourished by love and in a sea of love, it is forever reborn. Were it not for love, the world would be cast asunder; all would be darkness, null and void. The silence could not breathe, the forms not dance, the lotus not bloom. All of nature has implanted deep within it, the desire for the eternal union in love. This desire is responsible for the eternal cycle of creation and re-creation. From a state of superfluid wholeness, consciousness, becoming aware of itself, created a mirage of duality. In this mirage of a gap, between the observer, love and the observed, the object of love, love has its eternal play field. Love is forever seeking union with itself. When, from a state of oneness, love beheld its own image in the waters of consciousness, the eternal symmetry in the nature of love emerged: the creative and receptive elements in the form of heaven and earth, the sun and moon, the male-paternal and female-maternal elements came into being. Every aspect of nature, attuned to its natural complement, reflected the richness of the nature of love which contained the infinite diversity of life within itself in a state of perfect and eternal union.

Then Love whispered:

“I am not the desire for union, but the goal of all desiring is union with me. I am not the desire, but the fulfilment of all desires is reached through me, and shall be yours when you abide awake within the omnipresent ocean of my Being.”

Then Love, being all that there is, continued speaking unto itself:

“When you say, ‘I love you’ it is because you illumine my Self more clearly, because gazing at you the translucence of my being is revealed, and in the inextinguishable light that flows between us, we are forever blooming, until no longer two, we become what we most truly are, one ocean of oneness moving in the sublime radiance of love without beginning or end.”

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