What is Intuition?

A whisper from deep within, a gentle inner voice, a stirring of the heart, a silent invitation, what is intuition? Some music is chiming in the deep waters of my soul.

I listen. What is it saying? There is the feeling that a new journey is beckoning. But where?

The place is yet unknown. Does it matter? Not now. Only to continue to abide by the promptings of the heart and let the current flow toward the ocean, flow toward the infinite…
We are wayfarers travelling on the tide of time, moving toward the open sea, moving toward eternity.
Listen to the silent music hidden deep within the cave of the heart. All wisdom abides within.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” 

-Albert Einstein

“Reality is beyond speech and thought. Only that which can be expressed in words is being said.

But what cannot be put into language is indeed That which IS.”

― Sri Anandamayi Ma

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