Who Am I?

I am That which never changes, the silence that is all in all. I am One indefinable wholeness.

I am Is-ness, pure Being. I am all in all as all. I am That. I am pure Love. I am indescribable, immeasurable, unutterable. I am Love. I am That. I am everywhere at once, the unseen, unbreathed upon life of life. I am That. I am tenderness and invincible power. I am beyond opposites. I am the unified essence of all that lives, of all that is and is not. I am everywhere, everything at once. Nothing is separate from me. I am that wholeness that is ever-present in all, everywhere, the not-thing that is the source of all things. I am the seed of eternal life ever-sprouting in the garden of infinity.

I am the Am-ness, the ground of pure existence, the sky of Being-ness. I am the seer and the seen and the link between them. I am the silent witness of creation, the observer and the observed at once. I am at once everywhere and everything. I am the breath, the hum, the song, the pause, the whirling dance, the joy of wakefulness unfurling. I am the holiness of love, the sacred beauteous smile of life, a blossoming exaltation in the heart of God!

I exist in the perimeters of change, in the play field of relative existence. I am on the stage of life, a player, an actress in the role assigned to me. I am in a whirling world of change. I am on a planet on a journey of ever-increasing wakefulness. I am on a pathless path to supreme happiness. I am roaming in a jungle where there are no roads, only a circular design in a mandala. I am remembering who I really Am.

I chose to be here, to seek to know the totality of Being, to live it, to experience the fruition of the totality of self-knowledge. To embrace the world is my mission, to embrace all that is with love, to live the fullness of life in the fullest expression of the Self. I am here to express the Divine in every thought, word and action and to become all that I am capable of Being.

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