What is God?

God is the “I” that IS all there is. God is the “I” that exists eternally IN all there is. God is the “I” that is all, knows all, sees all, gives life to all and absorbs all into itself. God is one and many, unity and diversity, silence and dynamism, simplicity and complexity. God is everywhere at once.

God is the universal symphony of love humming in the temple of eternity. God is the fragrant breath of the wind, the silken rays of dawn, the rhythmic pulse of the sea, the regal splendor of the moon; God is all there is and all there was and ever will be. God is the alpha and omega, the ever-expanding billowing soliloquy of life dancing, dancing, dancing in the vastness of pure Being.

God is the cosmic “I” and each individual is an individual “I”, made in the image of God. God is the “I am I” that enables me to know who I am.

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