Ultimate Perfection

What is it that holds our gaze as it approaches the boundless similitude of the Divine? That which is perfect does not die. It has its being in the sphere of eternity through whose portals neither decay nor destruction can enter. The perfect is that which is an indestructible whole, unchanging, immortal, needing nothing other than itself to fulfil itself. We seek ultimate perfection in an ever-changing world, seek to hold the moments ere they fall, seek to halt the ceaseless crumbling of time, to encase the beautiful, to suspend the sound ere it returns to silence. How is it that we do not know that ultimate perfection breathes in all that lives and in all that dying, lives, in its preparation for rebirth? The ultimate perfection we seek is that within us, that witnesses the sifting hourglass, and knows not increase or diminution. It is That which sees through our eyes and does not blink at the intensity of the mid-day sun. It is ultimate perfection itself that brings forth from within itself all that aspires in all forms of beauty to sing the silent glory of its source. The search for ultimate perfection leads us once again to the silent wellspring of our being.

The circle is the symbol of the ultimate. It has the capacity to contain all that there is and yet it can also convey the idea of emptiness, nothing. The ultimate cannot be approached through words. It defies description, and yet it is all-inclusive. The ultimate is beyond time, without beginning or end as the circle is eternally ending and beginning at every point. It is an unbroken continuum. To experience the ultimate, we must become capable of experiencing the inner nature of time and space as an unbroken continuum. Then we will know in the world that which is unchanging, immortal, indestructible. We will know it because we will have become identified with it.

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