Resurgence of the Feminine

“It marks the spirit of the present time that women will take their place at the helm of society and men ply the oars.”

These prophetic words spoken by the great Indian saint Anandamayi Ma express the paradigm shift we are witnessing in the world today. The world is in the midst of a revolutionary change in the status of women. No more can women be restricted to manual labor in the kitchen or the fields. Today, women have earned the right to a full education on a par with men. Moreover, the special skills which women possess in the work space are being recognized. Women are rising up and assuming pivotal positions on the world stage. Why? Because the feminine principle of life is very much needed in today’s world. The feminine principle embodies the nurturing, receptive, empathetic principle of life which seeks to unify the scattered ends of life into an integrated whole. The masculine principle of life embodies the aggressive, dominating, analytical principle of life. The feminine principle is being re-enlivened in the collective consciousness of society so that life can move in the direction of healing the divisions in society. The unifying wholeness at the basis of life is gradually being strengthened. The compartmentalized, isolationist, segregated approach to reality is being replaced by an interconnected, interdependent, holistic vision of the problems facing humanity.

The need of today is to unify the diverse, conflicting segments of society into a network of shared interests. The common aim of this network must be the common good of the whole world family. Women embody a higher transcendental wisdom. Women are softer, more delicate; their physiology is more refined. Men are more outwardly-directed; they embody more practical, mechanical skills. Women are usually the first to serve the higher ideals of life. Every woman is a symbol of self-sacrifice; a mother sacrifices her happiness for the happiness of her children. Women are the foundation on which a stable society is erected. If a woman’s life is pure, society is stable and the positive development of the next generation is safeguarded.

Today, the feminine principle is emerging to guide life forward in order to create balance between the inner spiritual aspect of life and the outer material aspect. Empowering women will protect the planet and lead to a more harmonious and integrated world.

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