Sacred Elements of Creation

The universe is a highly complex interdependent web of energy which every individual participates in at every moment of their life. We live in a super-fluid ocean containing trillions of waves of energy which bombard each other, rising and swirling in a cosmic soup of immeasurable proportions extending far into the distant galactic universe.

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The five elements, earth, air, fire, water, air and ether are basic constituents of the material world, the building blocks of creation. As in the cosmic body, so in the human body. The human body also contains the same essential elements which form the essence of the five senses. The earth element is linked to the sense of smell, the air element to the sense of touch, the fire element to the sense of sight and the water element to the sense of taste and the ether or space element to the sense of hearing. These five elements or “mahabhutas” form the basis of the material universe. These five basic realities or essences of objects are called the “tanmatras”. In ancient times, these basic constituents of creation were revered for their life-sustaining qualities. Today, our intimate connection with nature is in need of regeneration, renewal, re-enlivenment. Then, the five elements will nourish humanity abundantly with their sacred gifts.

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