A Global Perspective

The world is in urgent need of a global perspective. The world needs a broader vision which encompasses the entire world family. No longer can we be content to focus exclusively on our individual needs and desires. We must take into consideration the needs of the whole of humanity, the whole planet. The world is ONE FAMILY. Whether we recognize it or not, our individual choices influence the life of the entire planet. Either we choose life-supporting actions or life-damaging actions, it is our choice. The consequences of our choices are our own doing. When we nourish life, life will nourish us.

Power of Love

The rock singer Jimi Hendrix said: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

Only love can heal the wounds in the psyche of the world.  These wounds are expressions of deep stresses which have blinded us to our inter-connectedness with each other. In our ignorance, we have created deep wounds in the fabric of life. The world is weeping in agony from the pain. The only remedy is love.

Albert Einstein has said: “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion.”

Unified Field

The only remedy is to open our eyes to the unified field that connects every aspect of life on the planet. We must experience that oneness. The way forward is through meditation, through the direct experience of pure consciousness. We must also take time to reflect on what really matters in life. We must join together in this critical juncture and reach out to mend the broken fabric of life. Wars must cease.

Incoherence in Society

Wars always begin in the mind. A mind which is clouded by stress cannot see any solutions, any possibilities of dialogue. Incoherence in society produces warring tendencies and conflicts. When negative forces increase, it always leads to outbreaks of violence and destruction of life. The only solution is to increase the level of harmony and internal coherence in the nation. One path to achieve this aim is to create large groups practicing meditation together to alleviate the massive incoherence in collective consciousness.

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