“Artificial” Intelligence

If you had to choose to speak to someone with natural intelligence or artificial intelligence, who would you choose?

If you had to choose between being diagnosed for an illness by a human being or a robot, who would you choose?

Natural intelligence is the gift each human being is born with. It only has to be developed. It is said that most people only use 5-10% of their innate mental potential. Geniuses like Albert Einstein may have used 25% of his intelligence.

So why are we turning to robots for answers??? Machine language has its limitations. These robots are programmed by people who are not yet fully awake to their own intelligence. They have technical expertise, but are they fully developed morally and ethically?

Relying too heavily on robots for answers will only delay our own development because if we don’t find a way to access our own intelligence, it will remain dormant. Out of sight, out of mind! Whatever we put our attention on grows stronger in our life. If we become more and more object-referral instead of self-referral, we are in danger of losing our way in the labyrinth of a robotic maze. We are in danger of losing the incredible gifts ingrained in the human nervous system. Only a human being has the inherent ability to transcend the surface active level of the mind and experience pure consciousness, the unified level of life at the basis of the universe. Only a human being can evolve to higher states of consciousness and ultimately to enlightenment. In the state of enlightenment, the home of all knowledge is fully awake inside all the time. In this state, one can be of maximum benefit to the world.

The urgent necessity is for all human beings is to find ways of unlocking their full creative genius so we can mend all the mistakes and wrong inflicted on our planet. Transcendental Meditation has been scientifically proven to increase mental potential and enhance self-actualization. Why not go inward to find the answers you are seeking? A programmed machine can not be trusted in the same way as our own higher SELF.

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