How Can We Heal the World

The world is facing an unprecedented rise of global calamities. The wars, earthquakes, storms, fires, floods, sudden accidents and massive social unrest point to a rise of turbulence across the globe.

What does this indicate?

Are we facing a crucial test? Is Nature sending the earth a warning signal? Have we crossed the threshold of danger? Can we initiate a new wave of global harmony, a resurgence of trust and forbearance? Can we forge a lasting era of peace?

The time is now.

The earth is a living organism alive to every impulse of feeling, thought and action of all living beings. The burden of violence, hostility, and the avid rush for material gains has left a gaping void in the interwoven fabric of life. The only way to repair the damage is by joining the threads of love, peace, and harmony. This can be done by meditating. When we meditate, the silent unified field which interconnects all life everywhere is spontaneously enlivened.

A new state of balance must be established in the world. A balance between inner bliss and outer advancement. Inner happiness is the basis of peace. Inner happiness is based on a strong and healthy body. The mind-body is a continuum; they are inseparable. The body of the universe is suffering due to the mental instability in the inhabitants of the earth. The individuals are violating the laws of the universe by their negative feelings, thoughts and actions. This is creating problems and suffering which has led to very dire consequences in many countries.

The only remedy is for individuals all over the world to turn toward life-nourishing patterns of behavior. When we nourish life, life nourishes us. The universe operates by the law of cause and effect. Each of us must radiate a loving, compassionate influence into the world. In this way, we can heal the world.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has said:

“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer,

no disease that enough love will not heal.”

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