What We See, We Become

According to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the philosophy of life is:

Enjoy the rose and don’t mind the thorns.

Where is the time to weep?

In life, there will always exist a play of opposite values, an array of polarities from intense darkness to radiant light. Life is composed of a vast range of diversity, from the point value to infinity.

Where we place our attention determines what we perceive. The influence of each perception on our life depends on us. We are co-creators of our experiences because by putting our attention on something, we call that reality into existence more strongly. Whatever we place our attention on, becomes stronger in our life. It makes a deeper impression in our awareness, and it is also enlivened in the collective consciousness of humanity.

There is only ONE WEB of intricately interwoven strands of experiences in the world.

Every rose contains thorns. But the beauty of the rose, the softness of the petals is glorified even more when we see it rising in all its tenderness from the stems covered with prickly thorns!

Life is like this: it is prickly and gentle simultaneously. Where is the time to weep?

What we see, we become.

Enjoying the rose and not minding the thorns is the art of living life in fulfillment.

Enjoying the beauty in life enhances the beauty within ourselves.

Focusing on the distressing, unhappy, discordant aspects of life increases the distress, sorrow and disharmony within ourselves. By focusing on the thorns, we begin to weep.

We create and re-create ourselves with every perception, every feeling, every thought.

The best way to increase joy in the universe is to become more joyful.

The best way to increase peace in the world is to become more peaceful.

The world is as we are.

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1 thought on “What We See, We Become

  1. Beautiful blog, Barbara, thank you!


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