Revival of Knowledge

We are in the midst of a major revival of knowledge on earth.

Although it is still dark, the shimmering light of dawn is shining on the horizon.

It is the need of the time which always calls forth a new wave of knowledge. This rising wave of knowledge washes away the debris of old principles which have shrouded life in the shadows of fear, anxiety and negativity.

When the world is mired in confusion, and conflict and the right sense of values has been forgotten, when tension and unhappiness prevail, then from within the heart of Mother Earth, the seed of revival begins to sprout. Each revival brings knowledge of how to live in harmony with natural law. It brings a deeper knowledge of the inner Self.

It is said that Nature moves in cycles from one hundred percent attunement with natural law to seventy-five percent to fifty percent to almost no attunement to natural law. In the Vedic literature, these cycles of time are called Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara and Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is the age in which a majority of people are violating the laws of nature. It is a time when war, pestilence and bad conduct prevail. But, according to Maharishi’s Vedic Science, from Kali Yuga, there is always a great leap back to Satya Yuga.

A new world order arises from the dust of disillusionment. When one sees that the mad rush after money and possessions, name and fame has not brought happiness, then one turns in another direction. Then, the search for lasting happiness and fulfillment begins in earnest.

There is a great leap from almost zero attunement to natural law to one hundred percent again. This is the mercy of Mother Nature who cannot bear to see her children suffering!

Life is moving forward now into a new age of peace, unity, wholeness and global harmony. This is occurring because many people all over the world are aware of the vital need to go inward to enliven the nourishing, harmonizing, integrating qualities of consciousness to safeguard life on the planet.

The inner is the basis of the outer expression. The revival of knowledge of the inner Self will create a new world order based on principles of trust, mutual cooperation, and peaceful sustainable growth and development.

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